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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Surgical Technology, Missoula College, A.A.S.

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Description of Program

Montana Tech Highlands College is proud to partner with The University of Montana-Missoula College to offer their Associate of Applied Science Degree in Surgical Technology entirely on the Butte campus. This learning consortium agreement is available to assist the students who cannot relocate and to help meet the needs of the health care industry. Students begin their studies with the educational health core at Highlands College. All students must make admission to Missoula College and will be formally selected into their program. They continue their studies on the Butte campus through a combination of web delivery course work and hospital clinical work. Surgical technologists work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and registered nurses in delivering patient care preoperatively, inoperatively, and postoperatively.


Students are able to live in Butte while earning this degree from Missoula College. As Highlands College students taking educational health core courses, preparation begins toward the acceptance into the Surgical Technology program. A broad base of general education courses, as well as specific health related courses set the foundation for students. An on-site advisor assists students with the transition into the surgical courses with Missoula College.


Students will be prepared to apply for acceptance into Missoula College’s Surgical Technology program. Those who gain admission will remain in Butte for the clinical portion of their studies.


The Health Programs Department believes that preparing students to enter the workforce is the ultimate academic goal. The educational health core students that ultimately enter the Missoula College Surgical Technology Program have the same educational opportunities and clinical experiences that their counterparts in Missoula experience. We continuously work with the faculty and staff at Missoula College to make necessary changes to enhance the education for the students seeking surgical technology.

Surgical Technologists work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and registered nurses in delivering patient care preoperatively, intra-operatively, and postoperatively. They function as a scrub technologist, the sterile member of the surgical team who passes instruments, sutures, and sponges during surgery.
They follow strict adherence to aseptic techniques, as well as the care, cleaning, and maintenance of surgical supplies. Their responsibilities include: preparing the operating room, instruments, equipment and supplies as well as positioning and preparing a safe environment for the patient during surgery. Surgical Technology students’ program includes anatomy and physiology, microbiology, introduction to computer use, ethics in health professions, and specific surgical technology courses related to functioning as a vital member of the surgical team.
Surgical Technologists belong to a separate non-nursing profession of highly skilled, credentialed, allied health professionals who possess specialized education and training specifically for working as a member of a surgery team. Surgical Technology students completing the program are encouraged to take a national certification exam toward being a certified professional.
The Missoula College Surgical Technology Program is a collaborative program between the Missoula College and Highlands College campuses. Students completing this program will graduate with an AAS degree in Surgical Technology from Missoula College.

How do I apply for the Surgical Technology Program?

Formal application process will be accomplished in the Fall semester by November 1st for Spring Entry. Students intending to become a surgical technologist apply to the program through a formal admissions process at the Missoula College campus. Admission to Missoula College and to Highlands College does not guarantee acceptance into the Surgical Technology Program.
Students planning to study Surgical Technology need a strong educational health core. The plan of study includes approximately 16 credits the first fall semester of attendance. Students admitted and attending Highlands College must also be admitted to Missoula College and have identified their intended program as Surgical Technology. A current Highlands College student may use a photocopy of the Highlands College admission form when seeking admission to Missoula College. Information regarding the selection process and financial aid are available through Missoula College. The local advisor at Highlands College-Dan Owens-will assist Highlands College students with this process.

For Further Information Contact

  1. Highlands College Surgical Technology Advisor: Dan Owens (406) 496-3761 or
  2. Missoula College new student admissions: Beverly Zygmond (406) 243-7828 or Bzygmond@mso.umt.edu
  3. Missoula College Surgical Technology Program Administrative Assistant: Diana Reetz-Stacey (406) 243-7871 or Diana.ReetzStacey@mso.umt.edu

Total: 16

2nd Semester

Total: 18

3rd Semester

  • AHST 200 - Operating Room Techniques 5 credits**
  • AHST 201 - Surgical Procedures I 4 credits**
  • AHST 215 - Surgical Lab II 2 credits***
  • AHST 250 - Surgical Clinical I 4 credits***
  • AHMS 270E - Medical Ethics 3 credits**

Total: 18

4th Semester

  • AHST 202 - Surgical Procedures II 5 credits**
  • AHST 251 - Surgical Clinical II 5 credits***
  • AHST 298 - Surgical Internship 5 credits***

Total: 15

Total: 67

* Butte Campus
** Web-based courses are offered through Missoula College.
*** Hospital

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