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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Civil Engineering Technology, A.A.S.

Graduates of this program are prepared to assist professional engineers in a wide variety of projects from transportation, to sewer and water supply, to material testing. The program has a strong math and science foundation reinforced with communication, computers, and area focused electives. Hands-on training provides the student with significant real world experience while enrolled in the program. This program is an excellent way for anyone interested in the engineering field to receive concentrated training in two years and be ready to enter the work force.


  • Demonstrate problem-solving, informational literacy, technological and communication skills in team and individual learning exercises.
  • Demonstrate the use of equipment typically used in the Civil Engineering Technician field.
  • Obtain the skills that will promote occupational growth and lifelong learning.


Student evaluations
Student portfolios
Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey
Graduate placement survey
Survey of seniors
Capstone courses
Advisory board
National certification testing

Total: 13

Total: 17

3rd Semester

Total: 18

Total: 17

Minimum credits for an AAS degree in Civil Engineering Technology: 65

* Offered only in Fall
** Offered only in Spring
This program is designed for fall entry. If a spring entry is desired, it may take longer than two years to complete.

This program will transfer to the Business, Construction Management Track, B.A.S.  The program allows students to transfer their AAS degree as a block to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

Certificate of Land Surveying

This certificate is required to meet the Montana Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors education requirements for acceptance to the NCEES Fundamentals of Land Surveying (FLS) exam. This credential, earned in conjunction with or after the AAS degree in Civil Engineering Technology, allows graduates immediate entry to the FLS exam in Montana.  Some courses also serve as electives for the Civil Engineering Technology degree.  A certificate in Land Surveying will not be awarded without students having met the degree requirements for the AAS in Civil Engineering Technology.

Total Credits for a Certificate in Land Surveying: 18