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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2019-2020 Catalog

A unit of the Montana University System
Butte, Montana


Welcome to Montana Tech’s electronic catalog for the 2019-2020 academic year.  In addition to the navigation and keyword search to the left, we’d like to tell you about some other features designed to enhance your experience…



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Is there information in the catalog you find you refer to frequently?  Is there a page that you want to save to read later?  You have the ability to create a portfolio of your favorite catalog pages. Simply click on the My Portfolio link at the bottom of the navigation bar to the left.  Create an account by entering your email address and a password. 


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Prospective Students…..


You’ll also have the opportunity to let us know if you would like one of our enrollment representatives to contact you when you create your account.





Inquiries to Montana Tech Should Be Directed To:

Address Correspondence to: Director of Finance and Budget Carleen Cassidy
Montana Tech Associate VC of Enrollment Management/Dean of Student Success Dr. Carrie Vath
Butte, MT 59701-8997 Director of Financial Aid Shauna Savage
  Director of Public Relations Amanda Badovinac
Main Telephone: Director of Residence Life Scott Forthofer
(406) 496-4101 VC of Research, Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Beverly Karplus Hartline
1-800-445-TECH (8324)    

Important Notice to All Students

The following information pertains to student and institutional rights and responsibilities under this catalog.

This general catalog is published annually by Montana Tech as a guide for students, faculty and others interested in the institution. Students are expected to be familiar with all institutional regulations and information set forth in this publication or any amendment to or modification thereof.

Montana Tech reserves the right to change regulations and to add or withdraw courses at any time during the period this publication is in effect. The institution, with the concurrence of the Board of Regents of Higher Education, also reserves the right to add or withdraw degree programs and to change fees at any time. Effective dates of changes will be determined by the proper authorities and shall apply to prospective students and to those who are already enrolled.

Montana Tech places full responsibility upon the students for registering for the proper courses and for fulfilling all requirements for a degree as set forth in this catalog, as amended from time to time. Only the Office of Enrollment Services may certify completion of degree requirements in accord with institution policy and procedures, with the approval of the faculty. The institution does not accept any responsibility for delays in graduation or attainment of career goals resulting from: errors in registration, cancelled courses, time schedule changes, changes in degree requirements, or similar related changes; or for errors resulting from consultation with and reliance upon any  information acquired from a Montana Tech employee. Advisors assist students in understanding policies and procedures, but ultimately it always remains the responsibility of the student to know offi cial degree and certifying requirements and to act upon that information in an effective manner.