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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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General Science

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Program Head: Amy Kuenzi
  (406) 496-4793
  CBB 219
Administrative Assistant: Michelle Bennetts
  (406) 496-4182
  CBB 224
Department FAX: (406) 496-4135

The general science curriculum allows students to design programs with more breadth than traditional science programs. Many modern fields of inquiry (medicine, neuroscience, biophysical science) and K-12 science education encompass several scientific disciplines. The General Science degree provides students interested in graduate work, careers in health sciences, science related business or science education the appropriate broad background in science.

The General Science Program allows pre-health students preparing for careers in medicine, dentistry or related fields to meet professional school admissions requirements while completing a Bachelor of Science degree. General Science, when combined with a second major can work well for students planning careers in science-related business, public relations, and human services. General Science combined with a Master’s degree in education provides excellent training for science education.

Montana Tech graduates with a B.S. in General Sciences will:

  • Have a general working knowledge of science in general and a deeper understanding in at least two fields,
  • Be proficient in using basic science techniques in solving problems,
  • Have effective oral and written communication skills,
  • Be able to use scientific literature,

Outcomes will be assessed by:

  • Normal course work and exams,
  • Success in profession exams such as the GRE and MCAT,
  • Acceptance into graduate and professional schools,
  • Placement as elementary and high school teachers.


    Bachelor of Science

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