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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geoscience, Geophysical Engineering Option, M.S.

Option in Geophysical Engineering

Department Head: Dr. Curtis Link
  (406) 496-4165
  ELC 303

Graduate students, both thesis and non-thesis, are encouraged to begin participation in a variety of research and field exploration projects early in their graduate program. Major equipment includes a 24 bit 120 channel seismograph, a time domain EM system, a ground penetrating radar system, gravimeters, magnetometers, gamma-ray spectrometer, horizontal loop EM systems, resistivity, IP, and controlled source AMT system. Extensive use is made of the department’s computing facilities including PC and LINUX workstations. Software packages include ProMax, Hampson-Russell, VISTA Kingdom Suite, and MATLAB among many others.

Recent research includes projects on reservoir characterization, paleoclimate and tectonic studies in Antarctica, geophysical studies of rock glaciers, CO2 sequestration monitoring and detection technology, the use of neural networks in interpretation problems and processing of ground penetrating radar data and remote sensing data.

Admission requirements: B.S. in geophysics, geology, physics, mathematics, or related engineering area.
Option: Thesis, Publishable Paper, or Non-Thesis
Seminar Requirements: T.C. 5150 - Graduate Writing Seminar  or equivalent; GSCI 5940 - Graduate Seminar