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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Engineering, M.S.

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Department Head: Bruce Madigan
  (406) 496-4576
  SE 313A

Field Of Study

A Master of Science student may elect to study in any one of several areas and be directed by the General Engineering faculty. Students may elect to focus on the emphasis of Civil, Mechanical, or Welding Engineering. The Civil Engineering emphasis focuses on the structural engineering, geotechnical, and water hydraulics and hydrology fields of civil engineering. Mechanical Engineering emphasis includes mechanical power and machines, energy studies, and concurrent engineering. The Welding Engineering emphasis focuses on advanced studies of welding processes, automated manufacturing, welded design, welding metallurgy and nondestructive evaluation.

Degree Program

The Master of Science degree in General Engineering may be obtained under either Option A (thesis or publishable paper option) or Option B (non-thesis option). The required number of credits (30 or 36 depending whether the student is following Option A or Option B) will be selected upon approval of the student’s graduate committee, in a manner such that the Graduate School requirements are met.

Seminar Requirements: Two credits of Graduate Seminar are required: T.C. 5150 - Graduate Writing Seminar  or equivalent, and ENGR 5940 .


When the candidate for a master’s degree has elected Option A (thesis option), the student must present the thesis and pass an oral examination. The oral examination will include an examination on the thesis presentation, but may also include questions relating to the graduate study program.

Students who elect the non-thesis option must complete at least six (6) credits of special problems and pass an oral and comprehensive exam.

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