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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education Certification in Conjunction with UM Western

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Secondary Education Certification Classes can be pursued by students completing Montana Tech Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences, General Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Business and Information Technology.

Tentative Schedule for UMW’s Professional Education Courses at Montana Tech


All courses 4 credits unless otherwise noted.

Every Fall Spring Summer (with adequate enrollment)
HEE 340 Methods of Health Ed (Online with Western) -OR- X X X
EDU 201  Introduction to Education X X X
EDU 222 ED Psych & Child Development X X X
EDU 382 Assessment, Curric, and Instr. X X X
EDU 444 Classroom Management   X  
EDU 311 Cultures, Diversity, & Ethics X X X
EDU 497 Science Methods 5-12 OR as needed      
EDU 497 Math Methods 5-12 OR as needed      
BUS 351 BUS Methods & COMS 351 Methods of Comp App (3 credits) X    
EDU 371 Foundations of Educational Technology for Secondary Majors (2 credits)   X  
EDU 481 Conent Area Literacy (2 credits)   X  
EDU 306 School Law X X X
EDU 495 Student Teaching Fall or Spring arranged through UMW’s Director of Field Experience


Additional courses required of Montana Tech
Business & Information Technology Students

CSCI 321 - Systems Design Process  
BMGT 448W - Entrepreneurship  (Montana Tech) Fall


  • Students will also need to complete all UMW Teacher Education Program Requirements & Portfolio requirements.
  • Teacher Education Program interviews.
  • Certificate of CPR and First Aid and Safety (including Infant, Child, and Adult CPR, Child and Adult AED).
  • Background Checks
  • Students must attend mandatory student teaching meetings before requesting locations for placement. These meetings will be held at Montana Tech.
  • Senior Seminar is conducted on UMW’s campus upon completion of all requirements of student teaching.

Questions? Contact Kathy Shipman at kathy.shipman@umwestern.edu 925-0225 or 496-4852 or 683-7016

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