Sep 16, 2021  
2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, B.S.

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Computer Science





Fall Semester

Total: 14

Spring Semester

Total: 15

Minimum Credits for a B.S. in Computer Science: 120

Professional Electives can be used to complete one of the Focus Areas listed below.  Each topic links to a page with the specific courses outlined for that area. 

* Science electives must include a two-semester sequence of laboratory science (minimum of 11 credits total): Either (1) two of the three following sets (BIOB 101/102) or (BIOB 117 & BIOE 172) or (BIOE 305/306) plus 3 more science credits; (2) CHMY 141  w/lab CHMY 142 , CHMY 143  w/ lab CHMY 144  plus 3 more science credits; (3) GEO 101 , GEO 257 , GEO 259  plus 4 more science credits; (4) PHSX 234 , PHSX 235  w/lab PHSX 236 , and PHSX 237  w/lab PHSX 238  (take the physics sequence for the Electronic Control Systems focus).

**Students may elect to pursue a 9-credit Focus Area with free electives.  See links above.

***Students in the Statistics Focus Area need to take STAT 332 before beginning the remaining courses in that area.



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