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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Science (MT), B.S. & Broadfield Science Secondary Education Certification (UMW)

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Students at Montana Tech completing the curriculum outlined below will:

  • Meet the requirements for a B.S. degree in General Science with minors in Biology and Chemistry from Montana Tech.
  • Montana Tech’s and hence the MUS General Education Core.
  • Meet UM-Western’s Teacher Education Program (TEP) general education requirements.
  • Need to apply for admittance to UM-Western’s Teacher Education Program professional block of education courses.
  • Need to complete a student teaching experience supervised by UM-Western.
  • Advisor: Dr. Doug Coe (406) 496-4207

Students who are accepted for admission to and successfully complete the Teacher Education Program at The University of Montana-Western, after successfully completing a supervised student teaching experience will be in a position to receive Montana Secondary Education Major Endorsement in Broadfield Science.


Fall Semester

Total: 19

Total: 16




Total (Montana Tech of the University of Montana) 124 + 6 (UM-Western): 130

The University of Montana - Western Courses

Fifth Year

Fall Semester

  • EDU 382 - Assessment, Curric. & Instruction 4 credits
  • EDU 340 - Classroom Managment 4 credits
  • EDU 495 - Methods & Materials in Science 4 credits
  • ED 311 - Culture, Schools & Communities 4 credits
Total: 16

Spring Semester

  • EDU 495 - Student Teaching-Secondary Ed 8 credits
  • EDU 306 - School Law 4 credits
Total: 12

Total The University of Montana Western: 30

* UMW Course

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