Mar 29, 2023  
2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre Professional Health, Pre-Pharmacy

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Pre Professional Health

John Amtmann 496-4346 Physical Therapy, Physicians Assistant, Occupational Therapy
Rick Douglass 496-4450 Veterinary Medicine
Douglas Cameron 496-4247 Medicine, Dentistry, Chiropractic, Optometry, Pharmacy and anything else

Students interested in a professional health career need to explore the health care industry. This exploration is assisted through the following Pre-Professional Health (PPH) courses.


Students at Montana Tech can complete the 1st two years of a pre-pharmacy program and then transfer to another school to complete the program. The program described below is designed to meet the requirements of The University of Montana - Missoula pre-pharmacy program:


Electives should be carefully chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor to insure that they meet the requirements of the Montana Tech core curriculum and in particular should be chosen to insure that 6 credits are from the Humanities Core and 6 credits are from the Social Sciences Core.

The courses listed in bold are not required in the pre-pharmacy curriculum, but, if taken, will insure that the student is also successfully completing most of the 1st two years of the Biochemistry curriculum at Montana Tech.

*ECNS 201 , ECNS 202 , or ECNS 203  can satisfy the economics requirement.

60 hours of pharmacy observation are required!

While you are at Montana Tech and in the pre-pharmacy program, you should register as a Chemistry major and be assigned an advisor in this department who specializes in pre-pharmacy advising. In the 2nd year of this pre-pharmacy program you should take the PCAT test and apply for admission to the pharmacy school of your choice. Pharmacy is a popular degree and admission is selective and is based on the successful completion of a pre-pharmacy curriculum, GPA, PCAT scores, a successful internship, and letters of recommendation. MontanaTech has had a long history of placing students in pharmacy programs who were well prepared academically by our pre-pharmacy program and are now practicing pharmacists.

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