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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Technology, Medical Office Specialist Option, A.A.S.

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Business Technology Program AAS


  • Provide students with the general education and technical skills necessary to become efficient and effective employees within the office technology workforce.
  • Provide students with soft skills training that will enhance their general knowledge about interpersonal relationships and the workforce in general.


Graduates of the Office Technology Programs will be able to:

  • Demonstrate problem-solving, critical-thinking, oral, and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate soft skills including professional skills and the ability to work effectively within groups.
  • Demonstrate a competent use of a variety of software applications in the area of business technology.


  • Model Office Sites/Supervisor Feedback and Grading
  • Montana Tech Placement Survey
  • Montana Tech Graduate Survey
  • Advisory Boards
  • Student Evaluations
  • Surveys of Local Businesses
  • Graduate Survey

Medical Office Specialist

The need increases nationally for medical office specialists with above-average abilities. Confidential matters require a person with a high degree of integrity and loyalty to the employer. The work varies with the institution and field in which the medical office specialist works. From the private practitioner, dentist and veterinarian, to the highly specialized practitioners, the medical office specialist is expected to assist patients, to prepare medical and insurance forms, to process accounts, to make appointments, and to transcribe medical records and correspondence—a truly demanding field for a special person. In this ever-changing business environment, the medical office specialist must always be ready for technological advancements.

Minimum credits for an AAS degree in Medical Office Specialist: 72

Completion of the first two semesters may result in the award of a CERTIFICATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST. Students must complete a course in each of the following areas: English, Math, and Psychology to receive the certificate. Note: Model office may be taken for more than one credit if a student desires.

This program is designed for fall entry. If a spring entry is desired, it will take longer than two years to complete.

* Offered Only in Fall
** Offered Only in Spring

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