Jun 02, 2023  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

UAS Applications & Design, Certificate

Department Head: Glenn Shaw
  (406) 496-4809
  MG 213E


Degree Program

This is a 15-credit certificate targeting students in undergraduate degree programs. As the undergraduate level, students will a) be prepared to become FAA Part 107 Certified drone pilots, b) gain hands-on experience with UAS and designing data collection campaigns, and c) develop skills with a variety of related applications software, sensors, and hardware. 

As a Certificate, Montana Tech does not offer federal financial aid for this program.  Some students seeking a degree that is eligible for financial aid may qualify for assistance and should contact Financial Aid at (406) 496-4223 or financialaid@mtech.edu for more information.    

Required Core: 6 credits

Electives: 9 credits

Select 9 credits*** from the following: 

Total: 15


* At least one seminar credit must be UAS 494 or 594. Other seminar courses with documented UAS content may be substituted for the second seminar credit.

***Some courses with partial UAS content have fewer “UAS credits” than total credits.


Graduate students are allowed to complete the “UAS Applications & Design” Certificate and advanced undergraduate may elect to complete the “UAS Development & Analytics” Certificate. Although a number of courses are listed in both curricula, any given course can only count towards one of the certificates. If one or more courses listed as required for a particular certificate have already been used to satisfy requirements for the other certificate, courses from the list of electives may be substituted to allow the 15-credit total to be reached. Courses that are cross-listed with both undergraduate & graduate sections cannot be taken at both levels for credit by an individual student.