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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Metals Fabrication Technology, A.A.S.

The Metals Fabrication program prepares students to work in an environment constructing projects such as utility trailers, pipelines, manufacturing, industrial construction, and repairing heavy equipment and with the ability to machine parts for aerospace, medical, mining and automotive.  Students are taught to produce these projects by drawing and following various blueprints, diagrams and specification. Products progress from the conceptual stage to completion by using ARC, GAS, MIG, TIG, and Plasma welding combined with lathe, milling and CNC machine applications.


  • To provide students with an exceptional curriculum that encourages professional machining and welding techniques necessary to succeed professionally.
  • To support students in their pursuit of life-time learning and professional development.
  • Function on teams.
  • Relevant work experience.
  • Express oneself in written and oral form.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Prepared for employment as entry level machinists or welders.


  • At graduation, students earning an AAS in Metals Fabrication will have the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain placement within the discipline.
  • Students within the Metals Fabrication Program will demonstrate competency in the use of manual tools, equipment, and software typically used in industry.
  • Demonstrate problem solving, informational literacy, technological and communication skills in team and individual learning exercises.
  • Provide students with the skills that will promote occupational growth and life-long learning.


  • Student evaluations
  • Student portfolios
  • Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey
  • Graduate Placement Survey
  • Survey of seniors
  • Alumni
  • Capstone Courses
  • Advisory Board

Machining Courses

Welding Courses:

Minimum Credits for an AAS degree in Metals Fabrication Technology: 76

The Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) in Machining and the CAS in Welding combine to create the AAS in Metals Fabrication Technology.  Students may leave this two-year program with 5 credentials:

  1. Machining Technology, Professional Certificate
  2. Machining Technology, Certificate of Applied Science  
  3. Welding Technology, Professional Certificate
  4. Welding Technology, Certificate of Applied Science  
  5. Metals Fabrication, AAS

This program is designed for fall entry. if a spring entry is desired, it will take longer than two years to complete.