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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre Professional Health, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Veterinary, & Pre-Dentistry

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Pre Professional Health

John Amtmann 496-4346 Physical Therapy, Physicians Assistant, Occupational Therapy
Amy Kuenzi 496-4793 Veterinary Medicine
Douglas Cameron 496-4247 Medicine, Dentistry, Chiropractic, Optometry, Pharmacy and anything else

Students interested in a professional health career need to explore the health care industry. This exploration is assisted through the following Pre-Professional Health (PPH) courses.

Pre-Medicine, Pre-Veterinary, & Pre-Dentistry

At Montana Tech the most common programs for preparing students for medical school are the Pre-professional option in the Biological Sciences, the Bio-Chemistry option in the Chemistry program and the Applied Health Science option in Occupational Safety and Health. Although in principle any Bachelor’s degree can be taken in preparation for medical school, students should be aware that to meet degree requirements and medical school requirements it may take longer than four academic years.

All first-year students interested in a career in any of the health sciences should contact Dr. Doug Cameron, Chair of the Pre-professional Health Sciences Advising Committee and should enroll in PPH 1006 - Freshman Pre-professional Health Seminar .

Although there is wide variation, most medical schools require or recommend the following basic preparation: Biology (two years); Calculus; English; General Physics; General Inorganic & Organic Chemistry

These sciences must include laboratory experience. While additional electives in biology and chemistry are desirable, medical schools also desire a strong background in the humanities and social sciences. It is not necessary to major in pre-medicine, or even in science, to enter medical school, but a major containing substantial course work in biology and chemistry is the norm. A nationally-administered standardized test of all applicants is required for professional training in medicine. Further information can be obtained from the pre-medical advisor or the professional school. Montana residents are eligible for both the WICHE and WAMI programs, which provide access to out-of-state professional schools at in-state tuition rates. Further information can be obtained from the pre-medical advisor.

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