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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, B.S.





Fall Semester

Total: 18

Total: 16

Minimum Credits for a B.S. Degree in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering: 136

*M&ME students must complete 6 credits of humanities and 6 credits of social sciences. See General Education Requirements .

**WRIT 121 is preferred but can be replaced with WRIT 101.

***ECNS 203  satisfies 3 of the 6 credits of the social sciences. ECNS 203 is preferred but can be replaced with ECNS 201 or ECNS 202.

****Departmental approval required for all Science and Technical Electives.

M&ME students interested in Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy should consider taking at least 4 of the 9 courses listed under Track I ( see below). Students interested in Materials Processing and Physical Metallurgy should consider taking at least 4 of the 9 courses listed under Track II.  Students are not required to pursue a track but must complete a minimum of 12 credits of EMET/EMAT courses.

Permissible Technical Electives include any of the M&ME Track I and II courses as well as EGEN 102, EGEN 202, EELE 201, EELE 201, EENV 204, GEO 204, GEOP 101, GEOP 102, MIN 215 and any course numbered 300 or higher in CHMY, EELE, EGEN, EMAT, EMET, EMEC, MIN, ENGR, ENVE, GEOE, GEOP, M or M.EC.  EMET 494W (M&ME Seminar) may be taken up to two times for 1 credit each.

Permissible Science Electives include BIOB 160, BIOM 260, CHMY 123, CSCI 117, CHMY 210, CHMY 311 /CHMY 312, CHMY 321/CHMY 322, CHMY 323/CHMY 324, CHMY 371/CHMY 372 , CHMY 401 and PHSX 322.

Students should consider taking EELE 201/202, EGEN 202, EGEN 305/306, EGEN 324 and EGEN 335/336 as courses in “Engineering Fundamentals.”

M&ME students should also consider completing Minors in Chemistry, Math, and Physics as well as those in other engineering programs. Minors available from the M&ME Dept are limited to students seeking outside engineering degrees as described in Academic Programs  Section, subsection Minors.