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Project, Engineering and Management (Web-Based Master’s), M.

Department Head: Dr. Kumar Ganesan
  (406) 496-4239
  SE 316B

Field of Study

The Master of Project Engineering and Management degree is designed to give working professionals an opportunity to enhance their technical and managerial skills with minimum disruption to their workday. The 30 credit non-thesis degree is structured around three primary areas: 1) Advanced Engineering Principles; 2) Industrial and Management Engineering; and 3) Business and Organizational Management.

Degree Program

All the courses for this unique, interdisciplinary degree program are offered through web-based, on-line courses. All courses are three credits each for a total of 30 semester credits. A student is required to have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering or technical degree in this graduate degree program. Students with non-engineering (technical degree) may be required to take additional courses as prerequisites. Admission into the program will be evaluated based on individual applicants educational background and work experience.

This online courses allows students to coordinate their study with their professional and personal demands. This Internet based offering allows students to pursue studies at times and places convenient to them.


This 30 credit, non-thesis degree is structured around technical management as the focus. Courses are offered during fall, spring, and summer semesters. The MPEM course work includes six core courses and four technical electives. It also includes a final project presentation to the committee members to complete the degree requirements. This presentation will take place on campus.

Core Courses (Three credits each)– Required of All Students

Course NameCreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
MPEM 5010 - Entrepreneurship & Economic Feasibility (Core) 3 credits
MPEM 5020 - Project & Engineering Management (Core) 3 credits
MPEM 5030 - Legal Issues Related To MPEM (Core) 3 credits
MPEM 5040 - Financial Management Of Technological Enterprises (Core) 3 credits
MPEM 5050 - Management, Economics, & Accounting (Core) 3 credits
MPEM 5060 - Advanced Management Seminar (Core) 3 credits
MPEM 5900 - Special Projects (Variable)

Elective Courses (Three credits each)– Students complete any four courses

Course NameCreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
MPEM 5100 - Pollution Prevention (Elective) 3 credits
MPEM 5110 - Energy Conversion (Elective) 3 credits
MPEM 5120 - Application & Design Of Industrial Experiments (Elective) 3 credits
MPEM 5130 - Hazardous Waste Engineering (Elective) 3 credits
MPEM 5140 - Systems Safety & Management (Elective) 3 credits
MPEM 5150 - Information Technology for Managers (Elective) 3 credits
MPEM 5160 - Managerial Communication For Project Managers (Elective) 3 credits
MPEM 5900 - Special Projects (Variable)

Admission Requirements:

  1. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree in any Engineering discipline.
  2. Non-engineering students wishing to enroll may have to complete some engineering deficiency courses.
  3. Applicants interested in the program should apply to Montana Tech (406) 496-4304.